Snickers has a spicy peanut flavor in China

Our coverage of American snacks with wacky China-only flavor continues, this time with a spicy peanut chocolate Snickers.

According to China Daily, the brand’s parent company, Mars, Incorporated, introduced the flavor during this Chinese New Year to meet local consumers’ preferences.

Typically fried with Sichuan peppercorn, spicy peanuts is a ubiquitous condiment in China used everywhere from a bar snack to topping for tofu and chicken. A popular brand is Huang Fei Hong Spicy Peanuts (黄飞鸿花生), which is stocked in most convenience stores.

With the original Snickers already containing peanuts, the brand hopes to capitalize by giving its product a local twist, and feedback from Chinese consumers have been generally positive.

“Delicious, spicy, and refreshing,” wrote one reviewer on e-commerce platform

“It’s not too spicy for children,” said another.

But a food blogger on Baidu’s video streaming website Haokan called it “spicer than [popular chili sauce brand] Lao Gan Ma” and has the “numbing flavor” of Sichuan peppercorn.

“You taste the chocolate first,” he said, “followed by boiled fish, kung pao chicken, spicy kohlrabi, then a nutty peanut flavor.”

Snickers is part of the wider trend of American snack companies incorporating local flavors into their mainland-only offerings, such as Oreo introducing hot chicken wing and wasabi iterations to their line up last month.

The spicy Snickers is not currently sold on their official online store on Tmall, but you can find other resellers on Taobao and

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