A thrown butt is fatal to Mercedes drivers

A 33-year-old man pulls a cigarette butt out of the car in the Böblingen district. Now he has to reckon with several criminal prosecutions.

A 33-year-old Mercedes driver must now answer for driving without a license and under the influence of narcotics, false personal information and illegal disposal of rubbish. It all started with a discarded cigarette butt, as Ludwigsburg police reported on Tuesday.

Thus, the man was on Monday around 2:30 p.m. on federal road 295 between Weil der Stadt and Renningen (district of Böblingen) when a police officer observed him pulling a cigarette butt out of the car. Officers then checked the man.

Böblingen district: A man must accompany the police

Unable to produce identification and no driver’s license, he first gave his details verbally. But the officer and his colleague grew suspicious and told the driver of the Mercedes that he had to accompany them to the police station to be checked.

As a result, the man admitted giving a false identity. He also admitted that he did not have a driver’s license. The police also found evidence of drugs. A preliminary drug test was positive, so a blood test was required. Further travel was prohibited. Investigations are ongoing.

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