Anniversary Day – Wallraser on cocaine rams an Audi

On his birthday, a 24-year-old crashed into an Audi during an illegal car race on the Dortmunder Wall. The speeder had cocaine in his blood.

Under the influence of alcohol and cocaine, a 24-year-old caused a traffic accident on Monday on his birthday on the Burgwall in downtown Dortmund. The 24-year-old rammed his white Mercedes into an Audi belonging to a 53-year-old man.

“Supposedly without realizing it,” as Dortmund police put it. The 24-year-old then sped up and walked away. The 53-year-old stopped and called the police. No one was injured by the accident.

Mercedes took another lap around the wall

In the meantime, the white Mercedes has apparently taken another lap over the wall. Not alone, but with rapid lane changes, he entered a forbidden race with another Mercedes. “The two drivers maneuvered their high-powered cars past other cars until they reached a red light at the Burgtor,” Dortmund police said.

At the traffic lights, they first let the engines roar several times and then took off at high speed. A little later, the police were able to arrest the 24-year-old young man. According to the police, a voluntary test confirmed the suspicion that the driver was under the influence of intoxicants.

Car transported by tow truck

A doctor took a blood sample from him at a train station. Previously, the Dortmunder could see how a towing service picked up the Mercedes confiscated by the police and transported it. Police are investigating participating in a prohibited race and fleeing a traffic accident, and have also confiscated the suspect’s driver’s license.

The police estimate the material damage to the Audi and the Mercedes at a total of 2,000 euros.

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