Serious traffic accident under drugs – five injured

He stands there without a roof: A white car was totally destroyed in an accident in Pulheim. Five people were injured, some seriously.

In a serious traffic accident in Pulheim near Cologne, five people were injured, some of them seriously, on Monday afternoon. The accident happened on a country road between Pulheim-Orr and Cologne-Esch.

Four vehicles were involved in the crash which resulted in the transport of three seriously injured people to hospital. Due to the extent of the injuries, numerous rescue workers from the Pulheim fire brigade as well as the Cologne fire brigade were deployed. A total of 26 forces and 7 vehicles were deployed.

Avoidance maneuver failed – new collision

A total of four vehicles were involved in the crash. Police said a 49-year-old driver turned left onto a dirt road. He allegedly overlooked an oncoming Ford Mondeo of a 52-year-old man.

Which in turn hit the rear of the turning Ford Kuga. An evasive maneuver by the 52-year-old failed. Instead, he rammed into another oncoming Audi. An uninvolved driver was struck by debris. First responders attended to the injured.

Firefighters free a trapped person from a car

The firefighters were in action with a large contingent and were supported by a Cologne fire brigade rescue helicopter. One of the injured was trapped in his vehicle and had to be extricated with heavy equipment. Two others were seriously injured. One of them had to be taken to hospital by rescue helicopter.

The suspect responsible for the accident had to undergo a doping test. As it was positive, he had to give a blood sample. His driver’s license was confiscated.

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