Sleeping homeless man hit by car and seriously injured

She slept at the entrance to an underground car park: a homeless man was hit by a car in Hamburg – the driver didn’t notice anything at first.

A homeless woman was knocked down by a car as she slept in an underground car park entrance in Hamburg-Harburg on Tuesday morning and suffered life-threatening injuries. According to a local reporter, the 59-year-old woman was dragged several meters before the driver of the car noticed her. Police said it was a local resident.

The journalist reports that he thought he had knocked over a bottle. The driver reportedly said he did not notice the woman lying on the ground in the steep driveway. As a result, he only stopped the car when it “shaken”. The man allegedly said the woman was intoxicated, the reporter said.

Hamburg: sleeping homeless car seriously injured

The woman, screaming in pain, was rescued from the emergency room by police and firefighters and taken to hospital. Life-threatening injuries were found there. According to the police, she had to undergo an emergency operation and is still in mortal danger.

For the reconstruction of the accident, the car was lifted to search for traces under the vehicle, as can be seen in the photos. In addition to the traffic accident department of the police, an expert was also consulted as part of the investigation.

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