This is how the jewel thieves escaped the police

During the day, however, the suspicion that the perpetrators had apparently sawed through bollard systems within a radius of several kilometers around the crime scene before their attack was confirmed. Purpose of the action: In this way, they were able to travel freely through the city, covered by the dense foliage of the parks and far from the main roads with possible police checkpoints.

When the getaway car, a dark blue VW Passat, was found with a completely destroyed facade in the Großzschocher district on Tuesday, the escape route was finally clear. It led from the city center through parks to the southwestern edge of Leipzig.

Escape on a wild ride through the Sachsenbrücke

During their crazy ride in a half-crashed car along trails and through parks, the perpetrators put human lives at risk, because even in the middle of a summer night the parks of Leipzig are still crowded .


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From the crime scene in the pedestrian zone, the men ran in the blue Passat over the Ring to the New Town Hall, then right through Tauchnitz-Strasse to the roundabout and – now the highlight – directly in Clara-Zetkin- Park. From there we wildly crossed the Sachsenbrücke bridge heading west, just before the end of the park turns left into Nonnenweg.

Driving is prohibited here, the path crosses the densely wooded area “Die Nonne” and ends at Schleußiger Weg. There are bollards to stop motorists – but the perpetrators sawed them off. So they safely turned right onto Schleußiger Weg, continued to the Könneritzstrasse intersection, turned left into Pistoriusstrasse and drove through the villa district, past the tennis court to the Elster flood.

Jewel theft attempt: At least the perpetrators were able to enact their cinematic coup’s escape plan – for now

There, at the headquarters of the Leipzig Canoe Club, it is in fact also the end of cars: a bollard prohibits passage along the river to the weir on the Weißen Elster. But there too, the three men had taken their precautions and sawed off the bollards. This allowed them to continue their escape, which the police could not have foreseen.

The band had even considered that there were no inhabited houses near the selected passages. In this way, they were able to unlock the bollards in the middle of the night without a resident giving the noise alert.

Eventually, they directed their badly damaged Passat into a side street in the Großzschocher district, parked it on the side of the road, and continued their escape in an unknown way. Großzschocher is located on the outskirts of the city, several federal roads and the A9 and A38 motorways are quickly accessible.

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