Truckers in front of the Nuremberg tribunal

Houses demolished, cars on fire and injured: a truck driver must answer in court for a devastating drunk driving through Fürth.

The main jury hearing is scheduled for August 10 and 17, the Fürth District Court said when questioned on Tuesday.

The public prosecutor charges the 51-year-old with endangering road traffic, unauthorized removal from the scene of the accident, negligent arson and negligent bodily harm in several cases. The accused has been incarcerated since February. According to the prosecution, he had essentially admitted the allegations.

After an odyssey in Fürth: the man must go to the Nuremberg tribunal

According to the investigation, the truck driver drove through a red traffic light in the city near Nuremberg on February 8, rammed into a car and then raced down a residential street at high speed.

There he pushed several cars against each other. Some cars caught fire. Houses were also demolished and damaged by fire. Several people were injured. According to the prosecution, a man was only able to escape from the truck by jumping on the hood of a car. A house was temporarily uninhabitable.

According to investigators, a blood alcohol test later revealed that the driver had a blood alcohol level of around two per thousand. The public prosecutor estimated the damage at 200,000 euros for a total of 31 vehicles and 500,000 euros for the buildings.

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