After the search in Leipzig: the police find the destroyed getaway car

This is the fifth such robbery since the jeweler was turned over. According to information from t-online, after last year’s robbery, he asked the city to be allowed to build a bollard system in front of the entrance. However, this has not yet been approved by the city.

Leipzig: Police are still looking for witnesses to the burglary

“Numerous traces were secured at the scene. Parts of the vehicle and an L-EA 1908 license plate, which was attached to the VW, were also found in the store,” Benndorf said. However, the number plates did not belong to the VW, but were stolen from another car.

The police also had a lead on Monday for the murderous vehicle which had now been found: “Between July 30, 8.50 a.m. and July 31, 8.15 p.m., a blue VW Passat was stolen in Hohlbeinstrasse at number 33a”, indicated the police spokeswoman on Monday. The official L-BO 214 license plates were attached to it.

Police are still looking for witnesses who made sightings of suspicious people on Hohlbeinstrasse over the weekend in connection with the stolen VW Passat.

The authors sawed off terminals as a precaution

Another clue should be noted: in the area of ​​Schleußiger Weg and Nonnenweg, i.e. at the southern end of the Clara Zetkin park, bollards have been sawed off, as well as in the Pistoriusstraße at house number 71 .

Police suspect the perpetrators of using the road through the park as an escape route. She therefore asks the population: “Who saw a vehicle registered L-EA 1908 before the crime? Who can make statements about the sawed bollards and observed people?”

Witnesses who can provide information about unknown suspects or the facts of the case should contact the Criminal Police, Dimitroffstrasse 1 or by calling 0341-96 64 66 66.

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