Felix Wiedwald: Thieves steal the SUV of a former Werder professional

Bad surprise for Felix Wiedwald: the Audi Q7 of the former Werder goalkeeper was stolen in front of the front door. . “My wife wanted to run errands in the morning and asked me if I had parked the car. I hadn’t. The car was gone,” Felix Wiedwald told the “Bild” newspaper. EuroWiedwald, who lives in Verden with his family, drives a white Audi Q7 worth around 62,000 euros, according to “Bild”. The police have been informed of the theft and are currently looking for the culprit. A press release reads: “The white Audi Q7 was parked in the yard of a family home. According to current information, the perpetrators entered the yard and stole the Audi Q7.” Witnesses who can provide information can contact Verden Police on 04231/8060. Compared to “Bild”, Felix Wiedwald humorously takes flight and says that he or his wife now always have to ride a bike, but it keeps you in shape.

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