The price of milk increases by almost 50%

The t-online basket

This development can also be seen, although less dramatically, in the t-online shopping basket, which contains the most common everyday products. Since January, t-online has been keeping track of the price changes for groceries and drugstore items at the beginning of the month for you. To do this, we head to the nearest Rewe office and Rewe online store and look at the price tags for bread, butter, shower gel, bananas, etc.

Since the start of recording, our fictitious purchase has steadily increased in price. This trend also continued in July. As the table below shows, prices increased again at the beginning of August compared to the end of June.

The increase in the price of fruit and vegetables is particularly evident: peppers have become around 30% more expensive in four weeks and now cost 2.98 euros per kilogram. Bad news also for fried potato fans: onions were 11% more expensive, waxy potatoes even 17%. A case of Radeberger beer rose 50 cents, or 3.2%.

Milk almost 50% more expensive

Prices on the (deep) refrigerated shelves also increased again. Dr. Oetker’s frozen pizza was about 17% more expensive (June: 2.89 euros; August: 3.39 euros), Tafel Rittersport Alpenmilch was up 8% (June: 1.19 euros; August: 1, 29 euros). However, the only record holder for the price increase in July is Rewe organic whole milk, which increased by 47% compared to the previous month and now costs 1.69 euros.

But there’s also good news: In June, Rewe’s own-brand penne pasta had a whopping 42% premium over January. Now the price has dropped again and is 1.39 euros for a 500 gram pack. Rice and pre-cooked rolls have also become somewhat cheaper.

Basket a little more expensive overall

Among other things, Coca-Cola, wine, shampoo and laundry detergent remain unchanged. After a drastic price increase at the start of the year, mixed minced meat from Wilhelm-Brandenburg also remained stable at 5.98 euros per 500 grams.

The complete list of the t-online shopping cart can be found here:


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Overall, the t-online shopping cart became slightly more expensive compared to the previous month. If the purchase in June still cost 80.02 euros, four weeks later it was 82.78 euros.

As the supermarket regularly changes range or certain products are temporarily unavailable, not all items are comparable. Either way, the cost of living ultimately depends on one’s own spending habits.

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