This is why electric cars can’t just be towed

Since the electric motor is powered again, it could start. However, if the on-board system is turned off, the voltage induced inside the electronics increases. The stronger this induction voltage, the more likely it is that an overvoltage will occur during the towing process and thus damage the control electronics.

If the battery of the electric car is pre-charged, the on-board computer can be switched on and the vehicle can be towed.

If your electric car breaks down, under no circumstances should you attempt to fix the problem yourself by tampering with the electronics. High voltage can cause fatal electric shock.

How does the ADAC deal with the problem?

In the spring, ADAC Service GmbH tested mobile loading aids in Duisburg and Hamburg. These are vehicles that are equipped with a large battery in the trunk, which can be used to recharge the broken down car and thus turn on the on-board computer without any problem.

Are these special vehicles also used by the Yellow Angels for roadside assistance? ADAC eV has informed t-online that they are still in the planning phase.

One examines “whether and how such a solution could be meaningfully integrated into our Yellow Angel vehicle fleet, or a pilot project makes sense”, says Katharina Lucà, company spokesperson for ADAC eV “The problem with this is that space and payload ADAC highway patrol vehicles are already at the limit and such storage is large, heavy and very expensive.”

The expert advises to pay attention to the battery indicator in the car and not to push it to the limit. Instead, the driver must drive with foresight and get to a charging station in time. It is also important to provide a buffer zone in the event of “unforeseeable events such as an accident, a construction site or a change in the weather” which does not allow recharging.

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