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Founded in 2005, Shanghaiist has emerged as one of the most popular English-language websites about China, covering local news, events, food, and entertainment for a diverse audience of young and affluent urbanites.

Driven entirely by word-of-mouth, Shanghaiist has grown steadily year-on-year to reach more than 3 million unique visitors and 6 million pageviews each month across all of our digital properties.

Forbes called Shanghaiist a “sophisticated, deliciously urbane city blog.” The New York Times thinks we are “ever-excellent.” And Yahoo! said the site contains “the local scoop on Shanghai, including news, commentary, reviews, events, and more.”

Shanghaiist readers are young, hip and upwardly mobile — the kind of audience advertisers love. The site has become a daily “must read” for thousands of Shanghai residents and “China watchers” around the globe.



Shanghaiist exists to educate, entertain and inform our readers in bite-sized portions, keeping them up to speed with:
• The top stories/issues of the day in China
• The talk of the town
• Where to go, what to do in Shanghai



What sets us apart from other publications:
Over a decade’s experience in creating online content and running content marketing campaigns.
Over 6 million followers across a spectrum of social media channels (WeChat, Facebook, Weibo, Twitter, Instagram)
Deep insights into online behavior: We know what works and what doesn’t.


Shanghaiist reaches 2 million unique visitors and receives more than 5 million pageviews across all our digital assets every month.

  • 52% male | 48% female
  • 65% foreign | 35% local



An urbane, sophisticated and diverse readership
• Creative professionals
• Senior managers
• Upwardly mobile locals
• Chinese students and expats abroad
• Students & interns
• Entrepreneurs
• Returnees
• Halfpats
• Expat moms
• LGBT community



  • 6.3 million fans on Facebook
  • 230,000 on Twitter
  • 60,000 on Instagram
  • 56,000 on WeChat



Shanghaiist owns and operates more than 80 WeChat groups connecting and servicing different sub communities: eg., French and German speakers, parents in Shanghai, fitness lovers, exchange students, F&B professionals, internship seekers, apartment hunters, LGBT community, etc.

These assets are vehicles through which we can seed messages in targeted communities on your behalf, and play advocate for your brand, product or service.


Thousands rely on Shanghaiist’s regular event listings to decide where to go, what to do in the city. Integrated inclusions in these listings provide event organizers an affordable way to stay at the top-of-mind for people about town:

  • What’s on Today (out every morning):
  • Weekendist (out every Thursday evening)
  • Pencil This In (out every Monday evening)



A standalone post means your event receives full limelight in an article on its own that’s published both on as well as our WeChat official account. We’ll make sure your event receives maximum visibility by blasting it out on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and in WeChat groups!



Our own ticketing platform allows readers to sign up for your events and purchase tickets through WeChat, AliPay and PayPal. You’ll receive a spreadsheet of confirmed ticket buyers right before your event starts. It’s that easy!



For certain events, giveaways and contests can be an effective, cost-effective way of drumming up excitement. Tickets and other goodies can also be distributed at Shanghaiist-affiliated events.



By sending reminders to people who have signed up for your event or purchased tickets via email and/or text message, we can help you lower overall no-show incidence rates.



It’s the selfie generation. People love sharing pictures of themselves and other shiny happy people. Your marketing doesn’t need to stop after the event, and photos are a great way to maintain buzz surrounding your events and to keep the conversation going.

Just send us your pictures and we’ll post them up on, as well as Facebook and Instagram.

This is available as a free add-on to standalone posts.
Need help with event photography? Enquire with us.



Banner ads on are displayed on the homepage of the website and throughout the interior pages.

The minimum buy for a banner ad campaign is for 100,000 impressions, delivered in a week.

Billboard (970×250)
Half-page (300×600)



Take over 100% of Shanghaiist’s banner ad inventory and effectively lock competing events out within that time period. Roadblock campaigns may run from 1 to 3 days and are perfect for high-profile festivals.



Video is the next frontier of content marketing. Videos distributed through the Shanghaiist network enjoy great traction and receive more views than at any other English-language media outlet in Shanghai.

Need a custom video created? Our team of copywriters, directors, and producers will see you through from concept creation to shoot, and from post-production to distribution.


As a venue owner, event planner, or promoter, you want as many as people as possible to know about the awesome event you have coming up. Shanghaiist understands this, and is the best partner to help you do just this efficiently and cost-effectively, through the following content marketing tools and more:
• Inclusions in regular daily and weekly event listings
• Standalone posts to put your event under the spotlight
• Interviews with organisers or guests
• Contests and ticket giveaways
• Photo galleries
• Videos



With our unparalleled social media reach, there’s no other platform in town that is better able to help you get Shanghai’s community of foreign residents and upwardly mobile locals talking about your event. Tap into:
• Shanghaiist’s own Facebook, WeChat, Instagram, Weibo, Twitter and Tumblr channels
• 80+ WeChat groups owned and moderated by Shanghaiist that cater to a spectrum of sub-communities



Clear and easy-to-understand calls-to-action turn words into action. Whether you’re looking to gain signups for a free event or to move tickets, Shanghaiist can help.



Ticketing is a value-added service that Shanghaiist offers to partners promoting their events through the network. Our system allows readers to purchase tickets for your event with a few simple clicks, making their payments via WeChat, AliPay or PayPal.

Shanghaiist does not aim to be a full-fledged ticketing service, but our team of multilingual customer service executives can help you do all the heavy lifting when it comes to selling and processing tickets, and in the case of paper tickets, delivery.

As soon as the ticketing for your event closes, we’ll send you all your ticket orders on a spreadsheet. It’s simple, fuss-free, and thousands have used this system!


With the rise of digital and social media, the power of visual communication in marketing cannot be underscored enough. As the attention span of your target audience becomes ever shorter, it is now more important than ever to grab their attention at first glance.

Used intelligently, the right visuals can speed processing, improve non-verbal communication, influence emotions, solicit action and increase engagement. A truly outstanding piece of visual is much more likely to be shared in online communities and social networks.

Over and above all, if your visuals help consumers out there visualize how your product or service can improve their life in some way, they will have a direct impact in driving sales.



Need help in any of the following areas? Talk to us!

  • Event photography
  • Food photography
  • Interior photography
  • Fashion photography



Video is content marketing’s next frontier. It’s 2018, and if you do not have a strategy to make video part and parcel of your brand storytelling, you’ll get left behind by competitors who do.

As consumers get overwhelmed by information overload and attention spans grow ever shorter, your ability to deliver your message in visual, relatable terms to build those all-important emotional connections will decide whether your brand stands out in the marketplace.

Inside your brand lies a remarkable story. It’s a story that’s waiting to be told, and waiting to be heard. Put it in the hands of a masterful storyteller and it will come to life, offering your potential customers a visual, immersive experience of your brand promise.

Our team of storytellers, producers, copywriters, editors, animators, directors and photographers knows just what it takes to get your message to stand out from the cacophony of voices all vying for the attention of your target clientele.

Whether it is you’re looking to create a brand documentary, elevator pitch, explainer, demo, walk-through, timelapse video, drone footage, or you’re looking to capture your event for posterity, we’ll assemble the right people for the right project, and walk with you every step of the way.