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Art Shows

World of Ghibli in China @ Shanghai World Financial Center

The World of Studio Ghibli in China is the first mainland exhibition by the Japanese animation house celebrating the 30-year anniversary of its classic film “My Neighbor Totoro,” as well as its other movies. Also on display are 285 original production sketches and storyboards from Ghibli films such as the Oscar-winning “Spirited Away” and “Princess Mononoke,” plus an eight-meter-long model of the airship from “Castle in the Sky.”

🕒 Jul 1-Oct 7, 10am – 9pm
💰 ¥159-310
📍 100 Century Avenue | 世纪大道100号



Reading Walking: Louis Vuitton Travel Book @ Pearl Art Museum

The exhibit on the Louis Vuitton Travel Book collection is the most ambitious devoted to this serie of drawing books published by the prestigious French brand. Through the initiative of the Pearl Art Museum, this exhibition offers an invitation to travel from Shanghai, a bustling cosmopolitan city since its origins. Each of the artists exhibited, in residence all over the world, designed his Travel Book as a call to discover other cultures. Through a creative and daring staging, nearly 300 original drawings by 16 artists and illustrators offer a contemporary vision of travel. This exhibition meets the dual vocation of “Light Space”, a cultural and artistic space composed of both the Pearl Art Museum and a bookstore. This unique setting connects the world of art with that of the book, an ambition shared by the Pearl Art Museum and the Louis Vuitton Travel Book project.

🕒 Jun 24-Oct 7
💰 ¥100
📍 1588 Wuzhong Road | 吴中路1588号



Turning Point – 40 Years of Chinese Contemporary Art @ Modern Art Museum

This exhibition will display around 100 significant works from the history of Chinese contemporary art after 1978. This exhibition takes a chronological approach, covers mediums such as oil paintings, traditional Chinese paintings, sculptures, videos, and installations.

🕒 Jun 26 – Oct 7, 10am – 6pm, closed on Mondays
💰 ¥100
📍 4777 Binjiang Avenue | 滨江大道4777号



Charles Chaplin: A Vision @ Yuz Museum

“Charlie Chaplin. A Vision” is a major exhibition proposed by the Musée de l’Elysée and coproduced by the Yuz Museum, Shanghai. Presented in chronological order, its aim is to help us better understand the modernity of Charles Chaplin and of his timeless character by shedding a new light on their deep humanism.

🕒 Jun 8 – Oct 7, 10am – 9pm
💰 ¥150
📍 35 Fenggu Road | 丰谷路35号



Tell Me a Story: Locality and Narrative @ Rockbund Art Museum

The 12 narratives presented in this exhibition opened up multiple secret paths into historical past. They invite us to revisit memories of war and ethnic assimilation/resistance that are shared by people across generations and regions throughout modern or even contemporary Asia. People migrate for survival and cross borders of nation/culture/ethnicity; stories of these changing flows and transformations of culture, either based upon historical facts or fused with imaginary tales, are all intertwined together and expand on a larger common spatio-temporal horizon.

🕒 Jun 8-Oct 8, 10am-6pm, closed on Mondays
💰 ¥20-50
📍 20 Huqiu Road | 虎丘路20号



Klimt Experience @ Hongqiao Art Center

The Klimt Experience is a 45-minute multimedia installation involving video projection on to the floors and walls and a virtual reality experience that allows you to seemingly enter the artist’s works. Discover the artist’s breathtaking paintings with a mind-blowing tech-stravaganza that will leave after-images seared into your optic nerves.

🕒 Jul 13-Oct 13, 10am-10pm
💰 ¥120-320
📍 888 Tianshan Road | 天山路888号



Random International: Everything & Nothing @ Yuz Museum

The artists prototype different environments by experimenting with notions of consciousness, perception, and instinct. Random International strives to “invite visitors to re-experience and re-examine the physical spaces that represent our relationship with technology.”

🕒 Apr 20 – Oct 14, 10am – 9pm
💰 ¥150
📍 35 Fenggu Road | 丰谷路35号



Leandro Erlich: Construction of Reality @ HOW Art Museum

A solo exhibition by Argentine artist Leandro Erlich brings together over 30 artworks covering his large-scale interactive installations, zinstallations, and photography, including 13 monumental interactive installations that offer the audiences uncanny experiences via optical illusions. This exhibition unfolds the complex duality that characterizes Erlich’s artistic approach: by way of investigating the ephemeral, illusive aspect of the visual world, he recreates or even reverses the given logic of architectural space.

🕒 Jun 1 – Oct 15, 10am – 10pm
💰 ¥80 – 190
📍 2277 Zuchongzhi Road | 祖冲之路2277号



Joseph Beuys @ HOW Art Museum

Joseph Beuys believed that it was possible to transform society through the creativity of every individual. He emerged as an artist amid Germany’s post-war reconstruction, claiming for art a unique role in the spiritual regeneration of society, in opposition to a materialistic culture. This exhibition is a rare opportunity to explore at first-hand the artistic output of this iconic figure whose radical vision changed the cultural landscape of the late twentieth century.

🕒 Jan 20, 2018 – Feb 28, 2019, 10am – 10pm
💰 ¥80 – 190
📍 2277 Zuchongzhi Road | 祖冲之路2277号


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